Promoting Health & Wellness Through Fitness

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Yoga & movement classes in a small studio environment. Take time for yourself and focus on movement, balance and strength.


The perfect reset – gather with like minded people. Leave decision fatigue behind and take time to recharge.

Health Coaching

Guidance and accountability from an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Dramatically improve your quality of life.


Personal training available in a private studio with weights, TRX, and other equipment. By appointment only.

Sedona retreat was a trip I will never forget. My mom and I got to experience adventure together and try excursions we have never done, like petting wolves at the Wolf Sanctuary and hanging upside down on a trapeze. The people on the retreat with us was a bonus, left with some many new friends. Definitely want to go on another of Kim's Retreats, hopefully Costa Rica! Meredith

Teen Yoga!

Our daughter has taken private tween/teen yoga classes with Kim Ply for over 2 years. In each session, Kim has integrated balance poses, a gentle yoga flow sequence, and strength work followed by guided meditation and mindful rest in restorative postures. The mindfulness, focus and breathwork practices have carried over into her "off the mat" life. She utilizes these self-regulation and emotional grounding strategies as she encounters challenges of adolescent life at school and with friends in a post-pandemic world. Amy B. - parent of teen yoga client

Personal Training through a knee replacement!

I have been training with Kim for over 10 years. She has excelled in challenging me in those years through the use of weights, TRX, bodyweight exercises and other equipment. Kim is thoughtful and mindful of my strengths and weaknesses. The thoughtfulness was especially appreciated when I returned to her studio after a partial knee replacement. Caroline A. - Personal Training Client

Fun to workout!

Kim is a great trainer. She is excellent at putting together moves for an overall workout. She has expertise and is educated in many areas including strength, yoga, TRX, Pilates and more. She has a wonderful personality and makes it fun to workout! Jeanne R. - Personal Training client

Great Vibes and Memories

Great vibes and memories from the retreat. Kim and the team were kind, fun and instrumental in building my love for Yoga. Our fellow yogis were full of support and helped push me to new heights. I have been to Costa Rica many times and this was my best trip. Looking forward to the next time! Clint Worth - Retreat Guest

Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being; not just the absence of disease or infirmity. We take a holistic approach to health – helping you attain wellness through exercise, nutrition, social connectedness, sleep, and mindfulness. With our help, you’ll be on your way to reducing stress through exercise & nutrition, resulting in better physical and mental health.